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The J1000 Ecosse Challenge

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1. Teendrive £99

Standard Knockhill basic driving product


2. TeenRally £149

A step forward from TeenDrive with in car time in a rally school Fiesta with Knockhill Instructors. This will be a group session.


3. Junior BARS £325

A combined version of the standard BARS and the add ons specified by Junior 1000

Driving test will be in a school rally car

Resit will cost £75.

These will be group sessions where possible but single tests can be arranged


4. 1-2-1 Advanced Sessions £165

Using your own car with a Knockhill instructor. Focus will be on rally techniques.


5. PC Autotests £15 to £30 per event

The final step in qualifying for a Junior Rally Driver’s Licence will be to have completed a minimum of 3 production car autotests, one of which MUST be observed by a J1000 official.