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Co-ordinator's Page

Just in case you have not seen it, here is our latest promo poster:



2016 was a tremendous year for the Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge ending with our first “home grown” Scottish Champion in Finlay Retson. And 2017 is shaping up to be as exciting – if not more. We have all the good bits from 2016 plus an exciting return to Ingliston for a Junior only event to start our season  in April. We then round the season off with round 8 down on Anglesey in November.  It is a long way away and will be more expensive than “local” Scottish events but it is a cracking good value for money event. Everybody who has done the event over the last 4 years would go back and do it again the next weekend. And in between at the start of August we have “the Jewel in the Crown” (or the Solway Coast Junior Rally  as we call it). Crews from England, Wales and Ireland join us for some brilliant stages on military ranges at Dundrennan, Kirkcudbright.


We are now in our sixth year and have seen over 40 teenagers have the time of their lives in our Championship. If you are swithering or just don’t know what to do, make contact with the co-ordinator (or anybody wearing a blue Junior 1000 Ecosse Challenge jacket) You will be warmly welcomed and given all the help we can muster. Our website and Facebook are also full of info.