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The J1000 Ecosse Challenge

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The 2016 Season

Championship Rounds


1.19/3/2016  Memorial Garden Stages Rally, Arbroath  

2.8/5/2016   Summer Kames Junior Rally, Muirkirk  

3.18/6/2016 Summer Crail Junior Rally, Crail

4.7/8/2016   usedcarparts Solway Coast Junior Rally, Kirkcudbright

5.24/9/2016 Autumn Kames Junior Rally 1, Kames

6.25/9/2016 Autumn Kames Junior Rally 2, Kames

7.22/10/2016  Weston Transport/Branston Leuchars Junior Rally, NE Fife  

8.26-27/11/2016  Glyn Memorial Junior Rally, Anglesey

2016 Videos


Top 3 from Round 1


Bob Watson at Kames


BeckSport Highlights - Round 2


BeckSport Highlights - Round 3


Solway Coast Highlights


Kames - Rounds 5 & 6


Top 3 after Final Round

Points Table.


After Final Round - Glyn Memorial Junior Rally 26 -27/11/18  HERE


Results FINAL - 11/12/2016


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2016 Reports


First Round to Retson/Falconer


Sunshine over Kames (Full report)


A Crail Corker for Retson (Rd 3)


First Top Spot for Tindall (Rd 4)


One Apiece For Tindall and Retson (Rd 5&6)


A Tindall Display at Leuchars (Rd 7)


Retson Takes the Win on Anglesey and the 2016 Championship (Rd 8)